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"Take It How You Want It" available April 5th in stores everywhere.
For fans of Jimmy Eat World, Plain White T's, MAE, The Early November.
Listen to them at </strong></font>


"Take It How You Want It"
Rating 8.5
"Self Against City have released an EP that will lay the pavement for them. The sound on this EP is rather big for this new band. If you enjoy any of their songs you will enjoy the full EP, so do yourself a favor and pick it up when it comes out. This is a must for any Drive-Thru fan. A great first release for both Self Against City and Rushmore Records. "
Rating 4 out of 5
"Lyrical structure has rarely sounded so clean and well crafted. Back that with resonating alternative riffs and a few damn catchy choruses and you've got one of the best EP's to come through the office in quite some time. While at moments comparable to Dead Poetic, we're certainly not complaining about the rock infusion that defines Self Against City's style. "

On Tour
The Sound of More Tour 2005


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