Some pics from Wakestock 2004

Figured I'd try to liven this community up a little.

Me with Mike, the bass player of The Ataris.

In case anyone cares, their set was the following:
01) Unopened Letter To The World
02) Road Signs And Rock Songs
03) So Long, Astoria
04) How I Spent My Summer Vacation
05) All You Can Ever Learn Is What You Already Know
06) San Dimas High School Football Rules
07) The Boys Of Summer
08) Summer Wind Was Always Our Song
09) Song #13
10) Eight Of Nine

Pictures from their set, sorry they're not the greatest.Collapse )

I'm a Newbie =)

Hey everyone! I am new to this community! WOO!

My Name is Kristin and my Favorite all time Band is... (you guessed it) The Ataris!

I own almost all of their CD's and i listen to them constantly. I love all their music but one of my favorite songs of theirs are "I won't spend another night alone" and "In this Diary"

Well if you wanna add me to your friends list go right ahead =). I like making new friends! Specially if they are as infatuated w/ the Ataris as much as i am. =P and if you wanna see what i look like i have a photobucket. there is a link to it in my Lj! Goodbye .


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glad to find some fans!!i adore kris!!!oh and does anyone have any pics of the my reply girl? from australia and iv been to all the shoes where i live (a grand total of three) and she was there!!i just dont know what she looks like!!